P2: Tiny Playable Prototype

Link to My Tiny Playable Prototype

Playtest Feedback

  • Easy to understand dystopia and context
  • Like that plot allows you to have own opinions and choices but you truly don’t have much of a choice in dystopian world
  • Implement escalator for the plot, things that force player to make difficult choices
  • Nice that protagonist will be relatable to most college students in a slow job market
  • Maybe choose a more gender-neutral name for relativity
  • Is gender important in the game?
  • Try to condense text and break it up
  • Merge responses to Adam with passage before to minimize having to copy over the LinkedIn message
  • Consider experiences that player goes through
  • What types of people are in this world? Donators? Buyers? People who are completely against the Chrono market?

End States Suggestions

  • Lose 40 years and turn into an old lady at 24
  • Ran away to the woods and living a self-sustaining, nomadic lifestyle
  • Fight against and expose corporation

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