P2: Map and Premise


In a world where writing has been outlawed for centuries, history is preserved only through memory. This game follows a family – a grandmother, a daughter, and a grandson – as they navigate this dystopian world. It explores what’s really lost as we assimilate and what is truly worth losing. More importantly, it confronts the reality that cultures with a limited written history face in preserving their traditions, language, and past.

Player Role:

You are the grandson at various ages.

Player Goal:

To save your grandmother.

Player Conflict:

After the sudden passing of the daughter and her partner, the grandmother’s health begins to rapidly decline. The grandson, remembering an old fable about culture being the soul of humans, tries desperately to learn all he can about his family’s traditions in order to save his grandmother. With his parents gone however, the last remaining bridge to his grandmother has fallen. The player will have to decipher audio clips, uncover memories, and make sacrifices if he is to save his grandmother.

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