Youssef_P2 Map: Cognition Voyage


In a daring venture through the cosmos, the player takes on the role of a brave space explorer. During a routine deep-space mission, a critical malfunction forces an emergency landing on a nearby planet eerily resembling Earth. To the player’s astonishment, the alien species inhabiting this planet share similarities with humans, albeit with distinctive differences. Reestablishing contact with the command center on Earth, the player receives orders from the commander to initiate contact with the alien species. Thus begins a mission of exploration and self-discovery.

Player Role:

  • Establishing contact and delving deep into understanding the alien species.
  • Navigating through an interactive map filled with diverse interactions and unfolding narratives with multiple tree-like narrative structures.
  • Engaging in challenging tasks, leveling up cognitive skills to unlock further interactions and narrative layers.
  • Discovering intriguing insights about the alien species and oneself at each interaction point.

Player Goals:

  • Explore the alien society and culture.
  • Enhance cognitive capabilities to facilitate communication and interaction with the aliens.
  • Unlock different narrative sections to unveil the overarching storyline.
  • Achieve a deeper understanding of ADHD and executive function deficiencies.

Player Conflict:

  • The exploration and understanding of the alien society are hindered by differing cognitive functioning between the alien species and explorer.
  • The player must engage in mental arcade-like exercises sent from the command center to “level up” and reach predefined cognitive thresholds, unlocking further interactions with the alien species.

Player Choices:

  • The tree-structured narrative and interaction map allows for multiple storylines.
  • Deciding which narrative branches to pursue, each requiring a set of tasks to “level up”.
  • Unlocking new interactions unfolds different parts of the narrative, leading to varying educational and exploratory content.

Player Actions:

  • Select narrative sections to unlock.
  • Engage in tasks to “level up” cognitive capabilities.
  • Consume and interact with the unfolding narrative and educational/exploration content.


  • Arcade-style puzzles that challenge and entertain while enhancing cognitive skills.
  • Educational and explorative content, revealing more about ADHD and executive function deficiencies.

Game Events:

  1. Introduction: Following a harrowing crash-landing, the player embarks on a journey of exploration on the alien planet.
  2. Exploration Map: Presented with a tree-like narrative map, the player makes the first interaction, completing initial tasks to unlock subsequent encounters.
  3. Game Finale: The tapestry of narratives converges, revealing that the player has been undergoing a process of cognitive enhancement, mirroring neurocognitive training and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach towards understanding and managing ADHD and executive function deficiencies. Through the alien interactions and challenging tasks, the player not only unlocked the alien narrative but also underwent a personal journey of self-discovery and mental growth.

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