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The year is 2083. You are the leader of a mid-sized German family business. “Die Partei der aufgehenden Sonne,” the PRC-aligned party that has been running Germany with majorities upwards of 60% for the last 15 years has just won the election again in a landslide, and passed a constitutional amendment that removes the need for elections every 4 years as the “constant struggle for power just distracts from the rejuvenation of Germany and the Allied States of a Europe with Chinese Characteristics.”

You are trying to make ends meet by exporting your products to the Eurasian landmass. However, leadership positions and market access in other Allied States is increasingly dependent on vocal support of the new direction Germany is heading in. In the game, you make a series of choices, becoming an increasingly outspoken proponent of the “Partei der aufgehenden Sonne” in order to save yourself and your company, highlighting the advantages of the system to European States who are not yet allied.¬†


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