P2: Map and premise

The main character is a new public prosecutor. They want to uphold a sense of justice and also provide a good life for themselves and their family. The want to become the district attorney one day. The main character’s performance is based on a conviction rate. Each week, the attorney will receive three cases and must convict at least two out of three. The game takes place over three weeks. The first week, stakes are relatively low. The second week, the character receives some moral questions, such as choosing to accept a bribe or fail to convict someone who is obviously not guilty. However, the player can only let one of these people go free, or they will have their salary decreased and be unable to feed their family. The third week, you now need a 100% conviction rate. If you let the innocent character go in week two, you will receive their case again and now need to convict them. The game ends with wither you being promoted or losing your job based on choices that you make.

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