Precision of Fun: A New Kind of Emotion

Precision of emotion: A new kind of fun Approach

Ralph Koster’s Theory of Fun: Fun is just another word for learning.

  • Kids are smarter than you
    • Kids mentioned activity was fun but we aren’t learning anything
  • Fun is learning is the beginning, not the end
  • The emotion lens: finding universal emotions from pictures
  • Disgust, contempt, sadness, happiness, gear, anger, surprise
  • But where is fun?
  • New emotion: Sophia, the emotion by which we convert fear into happiness via surprise
  • Some games have more Sophia than others
  • Can we recategorize games by the type of emotion they give rather than genre
  • Fun is the psychological process by which we turn stress into satisfaction via insight
  • Mastery in god of war makes you feel dominant
  • Mastery in animal crossing makes you feel connected
  • Finding the emotion: learning games with emotion
  • Pain of absence in argumentation is feeling bad, what if we made players feel clear, witty, and charismatic
  • Do we think enough about how we want our players to feel at the end?

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