P2: Map and Premise

Premise: Humans figured out how to create spaceships and space-stations that can sustain life indefinitely while they search for a new inhabitable planet. While they were figuring this out, you were part of a small group of people who believed that the world was about to end, and fled to a bunker underground. When you emerge, you find that everyone has fled to space, and there are only a small number of people left. As time goes on, the remaining people left on Earth build villages and live off the land and in abandoned buildings. You, the player, are not the official leader, but one that people look to for important decisions in your village. Some time passes, and someone tells you that there is a hidden hangar full of fueled spaceships that will take you and your village to the space-station that everyone else is on. The hangar is rumored to be 4 villages over, and you pass through different villages on the way to find this hangar, meeting new people and getting many different perspectives. Ultimately, you find out that the people of village 4 have known about the hangar for a long time, but have chosen not to take the spaceships up to space. You ask around and try to find out why, and will have to choose whether or not you want to go with you village up to space or stay on Earth. I aim to have the player learn about how it’s not necessarily always “greener on the other side”, and that you should learn to be present and enjoy what you do have instead of going after what everyone else wants.



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