Overcooked: Cooking Madness!


[10/10 stars]

Growing up, I always loved playing cooking games, such as Cooking Mama, Papa’s Cupcakeria, or Cooking Fever. Something about the art of cooking has always intrigued me. At one point, I remember I wanted to be a chef or baker when I was younger. However, after working a full year at a pho restaurant and a summer at a boba store, I can safely say those dreams are down the bin. The real stress from working in the restaurant industry is highlighted in Overcooked, as you are expected to serve a certain number of customers in order to get a satisfactory score. Overcooked took the same nostalgia of having to serve customers and amplified the chaos of it. It’s a fun and quirky game that is enjoyable to play with friends and family– if you like yelling at each other to finish tasks in time. 

The game itself takes players on a fast-paced culinary adventure, challenging them to work together to prepare and cook various dishes in chaotic kitchen environments. You can choose to play as different characters, such as animals or human characters. My personal favorite is the crocodile, which is the cutest in my opinion. In each round, there are usually different or familiar recipes in oddly shaped kitchen formats. Some are simplistic, but others involve team coordination through split platforms, conveyor belts, or button switches. While it is easy to decipher what you need to do to win, it’s difficult to actually execute it and win maximum points at the same time. The simplicity invites everyone to play and the chaoticness makes the game entertaining with friends. 

One thing I want to highlight is the appeal of the art and music. The art itself is simple, but adorable. The simplicity allows you to focus on the game, even while in a panic. Amidst the chaotic frenzy of shouting and frantic instructions exchanged among players, the accompanying music in “Overcooked” serves to amplify the sense of pressure and tension. I remember yelling at my friend to “wash the dishes” or “to take the meat off the stove” while scurrying around the map to prep the next dish. While it can be stressful, the game is such a challenge that it makes me want to continue playing over and over after I start playing it. Each new map or level begins with something new, whether that be a change in the map or new ingredients to cook with. As such, it never gets boring as you want to conquer a new challenge each time.

Although it’s not a game I would play every day, its addictive gameplay and clever level designs make it a game that is delightful to play in groups of people. Particularly, I enjoy how you can play on PC through Steam and also on the Switch, which makes it accessible.

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  1. Hi Ngoc,
    I enjoyed reading more about your experience with Overcooked. My favorite character to play as is the mouse or rat because it reminds me of Ratatouille. I think Overcooked made me realize how enhancing music and teamwork is to the success of a game. Both of these elements really make the experience so chaotic and memorable.

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