Final Reflection

Before enrolling in this class, game design was not something that I had thought about all that much. Although I considered myself to be someone who enjoys a wide variety of games, I realize now that I had never thought about games that deeply. However, over the course of this quarter, my understanding of the meticulous process involved in game design has grown. I have come to appreciate the depth of the interdisciplinary effort required to create games that effectively facilitate social interaction, especially those that enable players to learn about one another. Previously, I thought about game design solely in the context of computer science and entertainment. Now though, I understand that there is a balanced blend of psychology and storytelling at hand as well.

When it comes to storytelling in particular, I learned the importance of having a strong vision when designing a game. Again, game design is not solely about technical skills, but it is about executing a desired flow such that the desired emotions and experiences are evoked within a target player.

One significant challenge that I faced during this class revolved around striking the right balance between fun and challenge. This became apparent when my group and I were working on our puzzle box for P2. We struggled with gauging whether our puzzles were too difficult for players to solve. During play testing sessions, we often found ourselves feeling anxious when players encountered difficulties in completing tasks. However, we had to constantly remind ourselves that the puzzles were meant to be challenging and should not have immediate solutions.

This class overall gifted me with a new perspective and appreciation for games. Beforehand, I simply did not realize how much it took to design a game.

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