Critical Play: Big Fish Casino

Big Fish Casino is a social casino simulator with over 100 different themed slot machines. It was developed by Big Fish Games and is available as an app or on a browser (which is what I did).

The game is very bright and attention grabbing. There are unique, bold styles with stark contrast right next to each other. Odds are the user will feel strongly enough about one of them to play. I saw that alongside the different themes, each “slot machine” had slightly different special conditions that triggered “bonuses” and mini prizes. I switched around different slot machines and eventually settled into one and just pulled it for awhile. At first I was really bored but after awhile I found myself just wondering about the numbers, what I got this time, what I would get next, what I could, and what were the other people in the “table” getting? I can see the curiosity that can stem from the chance.

Leveling up allows the user to unlock a higher bet level. This can create the idea in the user’s mind that their level translates to experience or wisdom, and further the delusion that they have some sense of control over chance.

The user is given a sense of control by secondary “bonus” games such as this one. You spin a wheel to move 1-6 spaces, and the spinning of the wheel to preform the illusion of control.

Users can not win real money from Big Fish, only their in-app currency chips. Users can use real money to buy their chips though. And users do get addicted to “free” gambling apps such as Big Fish Games because they take advantage of the slot machine/gambling psychology to entrap users and have them buy more chips to play.

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