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“Year Walk” is a game made by Simogo that you can play on different platforms like iOS, Windows, and Nintendo Switch. It is a special kind of game that takes the player on a journey filled with stories and puzzles. This game is great for casual players who love unique art and stories and serious gamers who enjoy solving complex puzzles.

In “Year Walk,” you play alone and participate in a ‘year walk’, a ritual from old Swedish traditions. The game is set in a mysterious forest where you meet mythical creatures and have to solve puzzles to move forward. The game’s design is simple but effective, creating a scary and suspenseful atmosphere with muted colours and eerie sounds.

Instead of being all about action, “Year Walk” lets you enjoy exploring its world, solving its puzzles, and uncovering its stories. The scary setting and mystery surrounding the game make it immersive and exciting.

The game is successful because of its compelling story, immersive setting, and innovative use of old folklore. To make it even better, it could have more different places to explore and more layers to its story. But it’s essential to keep the game simple and suspenseful.

When compared to other exploration games like “Dear Esther” or “Gone Home,” “Year Walk” stands out because of its use of folklore, its unique visuals, and its mysterious and eerie setting. These features make “Year Walk” a deeper, more immersive experience.

In “Year Walk,” players need to forget about traditional game goals and just immerse themselves in the game’s mysterious world. By doing this, players can feel a strong, emotional connection with the game’s world and story.

In short, “Year Walk” is an exceptional game that uses exploration and puzzles to tell a captivating story. Its unique design, emotional depth, and use of Swedish folklore set it apart from other games. This game offers a unique and memorable experience that focuses on the journey itself. By really getting into the game’s mechanics and story, players can fully appreciate the depth and impact of “Year Walk.”

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