Individual Team Member Deliverables




  • Mystery
  • Suspense

Plot ideas

  1. Berkeley has a powerful cult that helps them turn over Stanford students and receive all the attention from donors. You have to dismantle the cult before they can enact their plan to take over Stanford completely. The kinds of fun present are challenge and narrative.
  2. During a trip to Yosemite by a campus organization, you and your roommate find a huge tree in the middle of a clearing in the woods. Your roommate goes near it and touches the symbol carved into a stone altar. She transforms into an evil cultist with powers and tries to bring the rest of the school under the power of her master. You must stop her and sever her connection to the cult without being influenced. The kinds of fun present are fantasy and discovery.
  3. Your roommate was investigating a string of unexplained disappearances on campus. They discover an underground cavern and a cult that has been kidnapping students for their dark rituals; uncover a secret network of tunnels beneath the campus. The kinds of fun present are discovery and narrative.

3 different puzzles

  1. You find the key to one of the power stations on campus. You have to restore the power somehow to find the lightning-filled battery that will open the trunk of a specific tree for you to receive the next clue.
  2. A photo of a statue on campus is included in the box. You must find the statue and interact with specific symbols on the body of a statue with a substance that you should have attained and unlock a portal beneath the statue along with your next clue.
  3. Your roommate left you a paper under your bed, stained with blood. It looks blank, but there is a specific kind of light (or laser) that combines with multiple others in a specific orientation and arrangement to reveal the contents of the letter. And it is time bound, so you lose light after a few seconds.

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