Concept Doc

Introduction & Narrative

Our game is a puzzle box, inspired by escape rooms, designed for one or more players. 

You, the player, are an alien who wakes up in an unfamiliar starship, unsure of where you are and frantic to get home. You look around the room and see another alien. However, upon asking for help, you realize that your alien counterpart cannot understand you. On a quest to return home, you look around the starship for clues that reveal more about the mysterious alien language. Through various puzzles, you are able to learn more and more about the new language, until you are able to ask your new alien friend to help you enter the next room. However, you must do so quickly such that the starship’s crew members do not catch up to you. Progressing through different rooms of the starship, you eventually arrive at the cockpit at the top of the starship where you are finally able to ask the captain to steer you home. 

Types of Fun

Our game relies on four primary sources of fun to make gameplay engaging and enjoyable.

Discovery. As players solve puzzles and crack codes, they’ll receive new pieces of information previously unknown to them. This sense of exploration and discovery will provide players with enjoyment as they uncover hidden clues and new pieces of the narrative.

Challenge. As with any typical puzzle box or escape room, this game involves a series of challenging puzzles for players to work together on and solve. Thus, in a way, the game is almost like an mental obstacle course requiring problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Narrative. Our game’s narrative exposition will be introduced to the players in the instruction manual. We believe that players will be invested in progressing through the game to see the storyline unfold and discover the fate of each of the characters.

Sensation. Our game box comes with a large physical display of a spaceship to help fully immerse players into the game. We plan to make the spaceship visually interesting through our use of color, texture, interior decor, and electrically wired lights. We believe the experience of looking at the spaceship will be exciting for players and increase engagement.