P2 checkpoint 1: individual component – penny

Emotions to evoke: seems cute but actually dark, irony, playful

Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2iPsSLsrhEJWo06qazX8T9?si=2491e0f00f344bbe


A combination of images of cute humanified vegetables

Directions of game:

Possible types of fun: narrative, challenge

Our group premise which I’m going to build on: Daikon boy goes to the supermarket and…

Possible narrative approaches:

(1) Daikon boy pushes a shopping cart around and gathers different ingredients from the supermarket (i.e. his food friends) with the aim of creating chaos, by swapping random patron’s carts with his. Partly inspired by the ‘Overcooked’ series of games, where the aim is the flow of  gathering ingredients, doing cooking tasks, and serving food to patrons.

(2) Daikon boy tries to avoid being caught by the supermarket staff members (who walk around the boundaries trying to catch him), while completing different mini-puzzles / tasks. For example, he could help carry a lost item back to its original position (eg. a melting mochi ice cream), or help an elderly gather various food ingredients for her recipe. In the process, daikon boy is leveling up and exploring new areas of the supermarket.

(3) Daikon vs. Carrots, a tower defense game where daikons avoid being wiped out by the attacking carrots who have the aim of squashing and eliminating them to take the crown of the ‘Superior Root Vegetable’ in the root vegetables section in the supermarket. The daikons have superpowers and weapons such as kimchi, flying attack, and camouflage.

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