Checkpoint 1: Individual Ideation


  1. Silly
  2. Scary
  3. Curious


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3 Directions

1. Everyone is having a great time at your best friend’s birthday party at the arcade. You use the restroom. When you exit, the lights of the building are suddenly off; there’s no other person in sight. The room is only brightened by the artificial luminescence of the arcade machines. All the exit doors are locked. You try to escape the arcade, playing arcade-like games to receive clues and unlocking flashbacks about childhood that lead you closer to the answer. Types of Fun: Narrative, Challenge, Sensation, Discovery

2. You are the main character of an arcade game. You have grown an attachment to the person who plays your game every day and has achieved the all-time high score. Your goal is to escape the arcade machine you live in, collecting the power-ups from your game and sending messages back and forth to the players of your game to do so. At the same time, you discover piece by piece who that all-time high score player really is. Types of Fun: Narrative, Fantasy, Discovery

3. You are an animatronic at a kid-friendly chain known for its arcade games and pizza parties. This game is set around the 80s or 90s. This game has a Mafia-like vibe because you suspect that one of the other animatronics has been intentionally ruining kids’ birthday parties by stealing pizza and breaking games. You try to uncover which animatronic is the cause of this destruction by discovering clues across the arcade and speaking with the other animatronics – but who can you trust? Types of Fun: Narrative, Fantasy, Discovery

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