Checkpoint 1: Concept Doc


  • Haunting
  • Wary
  • Mystifying



Types of fun/Narrative approach (more for inducing aesthetics in the player):

  • Evocative space:
    • We want the player to be fully immersed in the space, so we need to make sure the theme of the space is obvious through the visuals and the music. Think Journey, but horror vibes.
  • Sensation:
    • Since the vibes of the game are more mystery-horror, we should use a good, on theme soundtrack to induce anticipation and wariness (i.e. horror movie soundtracks).
  • Fantasy/Narrative:
    • In order to have the player be fully immersed, we will utilize the evocative space in combination with a soundtrack and an anticipatory narrative to help players fit into the shoes of the main character.

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