Graphic Design for Game Design

Cheese or Font

The elements that make up the game:


  1. Questions
  2. Response option
  3. Results


  1. Timer
  2. Snarky result comment
  3. Quiz stats
  4. Average friend score
  5. Average score
  6. “Enter c or f”

The sketch of these elements can be seen below. The first sketch outlining the general display of the original games core elements, the second a proposed alternative using buttons instead of text typing.

The following are sketched ideas of alternative text hierarchy for the game. The first sketch uses a tinder inspired swipe method for users to swipe to answer. The second sketch features the same design with color to emphasize the differentiation between cheese and font option.The third option again features the button design where users press their desired answer, and the fourth option in this segment uses a list where players can drag words into either the cheese or font list instead of clicking or swiping.

My final sketch ideation plays with proximity. Above you can find two options each of which lay out the question and answers in slightly different orientations. The top being a vertical stacking of question and answer, and the bottom being a horizontal scrolling layout. Below you can find another iteration of the list option that allows users to drag options from one list to the next.

Mini Metro: a game I find beautiful

To finish out this post I wanted to talk about a game that I find stunningly beautiful, Mini Metro. I think the most salient design principles at work here are color and alignment, as the game does an amazing job of linking similar metro lines with the same color, and the alignment between subway stops and text displays is done so expertly. To add to this the game uses amazing animations between screens that give the app a board game feel which adds to the tenderness and serenity of the game as a whole. I could say so much about this game but for now I will stick to these simple graphic techniques–also if you haven’t played it before I would highly highly recommend checking it out on the App Store. See below for pictures of the app:


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