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My favorite scenario to start each level in Two Dots 😁. Booster Box with  Rain & max win streak. : r/TwoDotsReview] TwoDots for iOS and Android

 Two Dots, a mobile puzzle game is especially easy on the eyes because it employs many of the graphic design principles discussed. The most obvious one is color and contrast. In the first screenshot, the pink dots that the player has yet to connect and make disappear stand out against the navy blue background and blue figures at the bottom. This lets the player know what to focus on and also provides a simple color scheme that is pleasant to look at. Although not as obvious, the level screens (second image) also use a simple color screens with high contrast (especially the one to the far right with the many-limbed creature). Alignment also plays a role in the design of the level screens–in the right volcano and center yeti image, all objects in the oriented vertically. This organizes the items in the image, while also leading the player’s eyes upwards in the image (following the path of the increasing levels). Finally, size is used to tell a story about the creatures in the level screens. The yeti being significantly larger than the trees surrounding it and the many-limbed creature’s massive size compared to the ship in the ocean below suggest that they are otherworldly animals that we should fear. Visually, they again help to draw our focus to the upward path of levels.

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