Visual Design of Games

Identifying Features 

Core Features


Using ONE color (in this version the middle block is swiped to either side to count as a guess)

3 Different Types



One HUGE core element (correctness check)



A Beautiful Game – Melatonin

Melatonin is a dream-like rhythm game that effectively uses color and grid alignment to effectively communicate different game stages. In the picture above, the rule of thirds is used to center the main focus of this song (“Dreaming About Dating”), the phone. It further utilizes gridding within the phone itself, with the thin left and right columns for the x and check and the center square being taken up by the profile picture. It creates a strong aesthetic through consistent and striking use of a primarily monochrome color palette of pinks and reds and complimentary pastel greens to make the stems of the background flowers pop. This helps the background to not get washed out while also not intruding on the warm pastels that make the design so “dreamy”.

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