Short Exercise: Visual Design of Games

Cheese or font 

Core elements:

  1. Time limit
  2. Cheese and font names
  3. typing c or f
  4. Score

Supportive elements:

  1. The enter c or f column
  2. Red color message for wrong answers

Extraneous elements:

  1. Pause button
  2. Prev and Next button
  3. Varying kinds of red messages

Core sketch


6 more ways


Make one element HUGE

(increased the size of the cheese or font name and decreased the timer and score)


Color sketch








I chose the game covidopoly (an online quarantine version of monopoly).

The designers of this game have used gestalt principles of proximity — the action buttons are all at the bottom right, at the bottom of your played cards. We also see that the bottom half of the screen is dedicated to the player’s own space (cards in hand, option to end turn, action buttons and played cards). I do wish the end game button was played differently or highlighted more as it does get a little lost among the other buttons at the moment

We also see a difference in font size — how many moves you have left is bigger than whose turn it is next and that is bigger than how many cards you have in hand and your masks. The end turn button is also much bigger as compared to the other ones. This makes sense because how many moves a player has left and ending the turn are important info that allows one to efficiently play and then allow the next person to play (by ending their turn). Whose turn is next is important to make sure the game flows well and people do not forget the sequence of players (but not as important as ensuring the one currently playing does things efficiently and well).

There is also a use of colors and I feel that is very helpful as that helps visually separate things. Especially the use of red color for end turn as red is usually the color used to indicate end or stop — this goes well with the mental model of the players. Also having a different color for each player makes it easy to differentiate between the different players (especially useful in a large group). Also, the purpose of monopoly (and therefore covidopoly) is to have multiple cards of the same color so color plays a role there as well.



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