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For my critical play assignment, I played Among Us with my friends. Among Us was developed by Inner Sloth and is available on multiple platforms. It has a broad target audience, appealing to honestly anyone really. The game involves 4 to 15 players who engage in various actions such as completing tasks, killing crew members, going into the vent, calling meetings, voting on someone to get rid of, and reporting someone dead. Interestingly, there aren’t really rounds in the game and the game flow is more dictated by how the players decide to vote.

One of the game’s most interesting elements is that everything is text-based, and there is no audio chat. This lack of audio communication adds an extra layer of complexity to the game as players need to rely on their observation and intuition to determine the identity of the impostor. But it’s often common for people to get in a voice call with their friends instead.

Among Us is basically variation of the popular Mafia or Werewolf game, but with a visual interactive element that includes tasks to do while the impostor is killing people. The game’s extra visual interactive element makes it particularly engaging, especially as an impostor. The mechanic of discovering a dead body is personally the most fun and exciting moment as well as the mechanic of actually doing the killing. However, the game can become repetitive after a few rounds as the tasks and actions are the same, making it less engaging for some players.

Moments of delight in Among Us come from making a clean kill or escape through the vent as an impostor. The animation and mechanism for killing someone are satisfying and add to the fun of being an impostor. The game also offers different roles, adding more variety to the game.

One potential improvement to the game would be to introduce a collection of tasks that are randomly picked and cycled through each map, making each playthrough unique. Additionally, adding different killing mechanics would make the game more interesting and fun to play.

In conclusion, Among Us is a fun and engaging game that has gained popularity among players worldwide. Its unique visual interactive element and lack of audio communication create an exciting gaming experience that appeals to a broad audience. The game’s improvements could make it even more interesting and engaging for players.

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