Critical Play


  • Name of game, creator, platform.
    • Among Us, 
    • Marcus Bromander
    • Mobile, Web, Desktop, Consoles
  • Target Audience
    • Groups of people, ages 9+
  • Important Formal Elements of the game
    • Characters
      • The game is multiplayer and is intended for about 4-10 players in an ideal cycle.
    • Environment
      • The game is based in a workspace, where each player is a crew member and works on different tasks that they get assigned to them. 
    • Game Play
      • Among the crew members, there exists an imposter(s) whose key task is to kill other crew members and remain undiscovered. Once a murder has been found/a body has been detected, the player who discovers the kill sounds an alarm and calls for a meeting, where the other crew members explain where they were, what tasks they were doing, and present a hypothesis on who they think the killer is. Once all the members have spoken, the crew members vote for who to throw off the ship, and the game continues. If the imposter(s) are thrown off, then the crew members/regular players win, but if the imposters keep staying on, and kill a majority of the crew members, the imposter(s) win.
  • Comparison to other games in its genre
    • Mafia
    • Secret Hitler
      • This is because the game has a teamwork element, where its the masses vs an imposter, or vs some smaller group of players, who are out for their downfall.
  • Type of fun game intended, and if it met its goals,
    • Intentions: ease tension, collaboration, and teamwork
  • Moments of particular success or epic fails,
    • Moments of success and failure vary depending on whether you are playing as a regular crew member or as an imposter. Some moments of success as a regular crew person would be completing your tasks, and successfully identifying an imposter. Another moment of success would be walking in on an imposter murdering someone, sounding the alarm, and convincing the other players of who the imposter is. The moments of failure as a crew member are generally the opposite of the moments of success. As an imposter, some epic successes are killing a crew member in a subtle/hidden way, successfully convincing other crew members that you are not the imposter, and in a similar light, helping a fellow imposter out when they are being questioned in a crew meeting. 
  • Things you would change to make the game better
    • I think something that might make the game more interesting is making the space/environment larger, allowing a random mode where you can  join/play with strangers\ who are online instead of only joining rooms you’ve been directly invited to, and also having longer/more complicated tasks would also make the game more interesting.

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