Critical Play: Among Us

Game Information

  • Name: Among Us
  • Creator: InnerSloth LLC
  • Platform: Available on mobile and PC platforms

Target Audience

Among Us is popular among teenagers and young adults who enjoy social deduction and multiplayer games with friends.

Notable Elements and Objective

  • 4-10 players can play the game, with one to three players randomly selected as impostors.
  • The remaining players are crewmates who complete various tasks on a spaceship while trying to identify and vote off any impostors among them.
  • Impostors aim to sabotage the crewmates’ work and eliminate them without being caught.
  • The game allows players to chat with each other.
  • Emergency meetings allow players to call for a vote to eject a suspected impostor.
  • Impostors can move around the map undetected and fake tasks to blend in as crewmates.
  • Rounds continue until all tasks are completed or all impostors are ejected or have eliminated all crewmates.
Players getting ejected
Players getting ejected

Comparison to Other Games

Among Us is unique compared to other social deduction games by adding a layer of task completion for crewmates and a more elaborate sabotage system for impostors. Its simplistic art style and intuitive gameplay make it approachable for players of all levels of experience. It excels in accessibility and simplicity compared to other social deduction games, but some players may prefer games with more complex mechanics and strategies.

Fun Factor

Many players enjoy Among Us due to its social interaction and the challenge of trying to identify impostors while keeping up with tasks. However, some players may find the game repetitive or frustrating when playing with less communicative or less experienced players.


Epic success/fails

Successes in the game include successfully ejecting an impostor or as an impostor, convincing others to vote off an innocent crewmate. Epic fails can happen when players make wrong accusations and end up voting off innocent crewmates or fail to notice impostors sabotaging the ship.



In Among Us, players have a limited amount of time to complete their tasks and avoid being killed by impostors. Meetings can be called if a player reports a dead body, during which players can discuss and vote on who they believe is the impostor. If a majority vote agrees on a player, they are ejected from the game. The crew members can win by completing all their tasks or identifying and ejecting all the impostors.

players voting to eject imposter

Potential Improvements

Adding more tasks, maps, and customization options can help. New roles or game modes to keep gameplay fresh and exciting. New storylines could be interesting too albeit increasing the complexity of the game.

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