What do Prototypes Prototype?

Is 1 minute per round too much or too little time?

  • This is an important question because the game would only be fun if it is neither too hard to guess an abstract drawing correctly nor too easy, and the amount of time teams have to guess is a huge factor in that. This will allow us to gage at how long it actually takes for an individual to draw something abstractly and for people to guess.
  • We will make our Abstract Pictionary game with the various cards for objects and the restriction, and drawing tools, and we would also include a timer to time how long each round would take.
  • I think 1 minute is too little time since the drawer would have to really think about how to draw an object within certain constraints, which itself may eat up a lot of time.

To what extent would the hints actually be relevant?

  • You obtain hints by spending money after earning cash from rounds that your team has won. But the value of hints would would only be as much as how good the hints are. The game will test whether our hints for each object are helpful and have an impact on the game.
  • Placing 1 or 2 hints on each Draw card for players to view if they “buy” a hint.
  • I think the hints would be extremely useful, especially in situations where the restriction makes it very difficult for the drawer to represent what they are drawing.

Do we need more mechanics within the game to make it more interesting/fun?

  • In order for a game to be fun and exciting, there must be a variety of mechanics that make the game challenging, competitive, and thrilling, and oftentimes when there aren’t enough mechanics, players can lose interest in the game.
  • Making the full game prototype (with the object and restriction cards, the drawing tools, and the “Abstractionary money”) and playing through the games will allow us to determine whether it contains enough mechanics.
  • I think this game is sufficient! The “draw it without drawing it” catch is really interesting, challenging, and entertaining.


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