Short Exercise: What do Prototypes Prototype? – Tara Jones

Our game is a fishbowl style game that incorporates truth or dare with a lack of senses.

  1. What cards are making people laugh the most?
    1. This is important for our game is a social drinking type game where we want people to leave feeling happy and bonded. Idealy, they spend most of the time laughing.
    2. We will create a fishbowl-card prototype with a plethora of cards and keep track of what ones are the most engaging.
    3. I think that the cards using the “drunk goggles” will make people laugh the most.
  2. Does the idea of teams work, or is it making it too complicated?
    1. This is important for we are currently debating how big to make the teams.
    2. We will split the people into 2 groups for this prototype (more about mechanics than physical)
    3. I think teams of 50% of the people will work the best.
  3. How is the lack of senses card working? Do people seem annoyed to do it or does it add extra humor?
    1. This is important for it is a key twist we are adding on top of truth or dare, so we need some sort of proof of concept
    2. We will use a lot of senses cards in this prototype.
    3. I think people will enjoy them, I think they add spice to the game!

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