What do Prototypes Prototype?

For the first project my team is modding the floor is lava game. There are a few questions we should answer to move forward.
The first is Is this game too difficult? Being physical is difficult for some people and everyone may not be able to play the game. We can see how the playtesters react but we will need to think about how to include people of all abilities.

Does this game need props? We were thinking of ideas for props such as dodgeballs but we were not sure if they were necessary for the gameplay. Props may be bulky or add fun to the game. We don’t know so we’ll test this out. People can play this game while holding a ball to test it out.

How long can this game last? We would like to know how many rounds of this game people can play before it gets boring. Do different constraints/additions help make the game more fun? We can time the players to see how long and how much they are engaged and use the data to improve the game.

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