What do prototypes prototype?

Beer Pong x Truth or Dare


  1. How can we keep the game from getting overly complicated?While Beer Pong and Truth or Dare are already extremely popular games, we need to ensure that our combination game is more/equally enjoyable to these two staple games on their own.
  2. Should this be classified as a drinking game?While this game will mostly be geared towards college students/young adults who tend to play games such as Beer Pong, we need to decide if drinking alcohol is a core component of this game, or just an aspect that is not absolutely vital. We could create a prototype where drinking alcohol is a main component, and other prototype where it is clearly an optional piece of the game.
  3. How long should a game last?There are several ways we could go about creating prototypes for this game, and one prototype could include the ability to answer a truth/dare question instead of drinking/removing a cup. However, we need to account for the case where a player continues doing dares for an extended period of time. We need to determine at what point a player must remove a cup/drink.
  4. Who creates the questions?We can experiment with allowing users to create their own truth/dare questions to be asked throughout the game, but we need to ensure that the dares being performed (possibly while under the influence of alcohol) are not dangerous. On the other hand, if we provide a set list of truths and dares, the game could potentially get boring and repetitive to experienced users.

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