What do Prototypes Prototype?

My team and I are working on a truth or dare game that limits a particular sense each round, to encourage teamwork. The mechanics are still in the works, but a few game prototypes will assist in launching certain ideas we might have.

1 Would pre-written truth or dare questions motivate players to play?

Often in Truth or Dare there is that one person that people are afraid to play with because they know all the tea about who likes who and who did this to Sally etc. It can also be hard to play sometimes because people are so obsessed with coming up with “good” questions. We hope that by having pre-written questions, people will trust their teammates more (which will be important for the lack of senses) and people will be able to play more rounds because less time will be taken coming up with questions

2. Should there be an objective?

Another problem with truth or dare is that players never know when it is going to end until the number of people who still want to play dwindles to nothing. We believe if there is a winner at the end, people will be more inclined to join the game, which makes the stakes higher and the game more interesting. Cards against humanity has a collection objective that keeps people playing until the deck runs out, so we might perhaps mod that idea.

3. In what order should we organize the rules? 

If we are trying to limit the senses, we must decide if we should choose the sense to limit first, or the question to ask first. This decision could create very different dynamics in the game. If someone goes in to a question knowing a certain sense will be limited, they could be more prepared, but they also might get disappointed if the question they get asked is not a good fit. On the other hand, if a question is asked first, people might already feel a little bit of dread from the question, which could amplify the stakes of the sense being taken away and lead to more drama.

4. Should we encourage teamwork?

Hand in hand with the objective question, should we make one winner or a team of winners? Truth or dare is typically just you “against” the world, but in our game we are limiting senses which might require team helpers to help answer questions or complete tasks. We also want to encourage more fellowship than plain truth or dare, because that game alone can be slightly isolating if played too dirty. We want to spin it enough to make it more of a social encouraging game rather than a snooping game.

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