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Among us, developed by InnerSloth, is basically an online Mafia game. I thought the simple and easy mechanics of Among Us makes it suitable to be played by anyone.

Among Us is set in a spaceship, and while moving around, if you’re the imposter, your job is to slay others without getting discovered. It is really fun because if you’re the imposter, you have to outplay others, and if you’re not an imposter, your job is to discover the imposters while not getting killed. I loved the suspense in this game. In terms of the formal elements of game, I think ‘Challenge’ was the most prominent.

It was the most similar to Mafia games. It is different, but I wouldn’t say better or worse.

The moment I get slain was very frustrating and I jumped the first time. While there is frustration and fury, I think this is what makes it fun.

I think I will regularly play Among Us, because it’s so simple and fun.

I thought it would be super fun to make Among Us into 3D. I don’t really know if it exists right now, but it would add to the suspense even further!

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