Critical Play 1- Ore Popoola

I did my critical play on Spyfall.

Spyfall is a game created for roughly 3-8 players for a target audience of all ages. Each player is given the same role and location except for a spy who doesn’t. The players are made to take turns asking eachother questions with the spy trying to fit in until a 5 minute timer reaches zero, at which point all players guess. If the spy is chosen, they are given a last minute attempt to guess what the location is. The relationships between players is both collaborative and competitive as the questions asked both helps the team identify spies, potentially gives the spy information, and increases your risk of being chosen by the other players. The game was really fun, a lot of it came from the surprise of the judging round where your friends might suddenly turn on you. Some fails came from players not properly hearing eachother’s questions or keeping track of the answers. If it was purely text-based, the game would be better, but would lose a lot of the social aspect. Spyfall shares a resemblance to other games like one-night ultimate werewolf, that headbands game, but overall is its own easy-to-learn beast.


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