William – What do Prototypes Prototype?

We want to mod The Floor is Lava.

1. Are people actually going to want to play this, and what kind of demographic?

The Floor is Lava isn’t the most conventional party game, but perhaps more of a kids game (kids can party too, at least on birthdays). Is the design of our game simple enough for kids to easily comprehend? Does it sound fun?

To test this, we can plant a kid at a party, and have them suggest the game to the others. See if the other kids end up playing it.

I assumed here that adults would be less likely to want to play this. Might also be worth testing on adults to see if that’s actually true.

2. Can people actually construct an obstacle course with the resources available at hand?

The ability to construct an obstacle course is obviously needed in order to play the game. If the average household doesn’t have that many chairs/couches/things that can be used as platforms, then it would be hard to play.

To test this, try to construct an obstacle course at someone’s house.

I would guess people can be quite creative and there are usually enough resources available.

3. Can people play safely?

This is a game where slipping can mean a faceplant or falling on your tailbone.

To test this, get some people to play on soft couches and see how many times they would have gotten injured if the objects were hard surfaces.

I would guess kids are much better at not getting injured than adults.

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