What Prototypes Prototype (Adaeze)

1) In what format should photos be for our players to make more responsive to them?

This is important because photos are the central part of our game, so it matters how we display them to users. This is an implementation prototype. I will guess that while digital photos are more accessible, users will be responsive to physical photos. 

2) How should words be integrated into the game?

This is important because although photos are more important to the game, words will probably be accompanying the photos (either to guess or as captions), and we need to know what role words will play in the game. I think words will will be effective as guessing words. 

3) What should the role titles in the game be?

This question is important because role titles often reflect the premise and mood of the game. This is a look and feel prototype. I have no idea what the answer to the question would be (its very possible that we just use “Player” and “Guesser” or something similar). 

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