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Questions we might want to answer with our prototypes are:

How will the presence of drinking or lack thereof affect the game? Is the game only fun/playable with drinking?

  • This question is important to answer because we’re trying to create a game that’s simple and playable with strangers and is drinking-optional.
  • However, drinking will certainly enhance the game and make certain tasks less arduous or embarrassing.
  • By testing on sober people, we can answer this question.

Which challenges do players enjoy? Which one do they want to skip?

  • We will write down a bunch of mini-challenges on cards that we think players might enjoy.
  • By measuring their hesitation to do them, we’ll see if it actually serves the game’s purpose of speedy competition or if it slows things down.

Are the mechanics intuitive and easy to pick up?

  • Again, we tried to come up with an “easy” game that uses minimal equipment, so this will be put to the test.
  • We want it to be engaging but still as easy to understand as a game like Mafia.

How will teams choose to employ strategy? Should it even be played as teams?

  • As of now, we want to encourage team communication and strategy in our game.
  • However, we may find that teammates don’t collaborate in the way we want to.
  • Should they collaborate, we’d want to see how they choose to strategise (we don’t really know yet either).
  • We will also be testing to see if players enjoy the game more because of these team dynamics.


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