What do Prototypes Prototype?

The Hippodrome

  1. Should each mini challenge be played one at a time, moving through each team member one by one, or should they all happen at once?

This is important because we need to know if it’s too chaotic to do all at once, and also it might go by too fast and be too overwhelming. I think that the 1-1 method will be preferred. My only concern though is if people get bored. Each mini game will have to be quick so the other team members who are not playing the mini game don’t get bored.

2. How time intense should each mini game be?

This is crucial to to figure out because we don’t want people standing around doing nothing. I think people will want each mini game to be between 1 and 2 minutes, nothing more.

3. Are people confused by the greek theme? And is that something people like?

This is our theme as of now, so it’s important that people vibe with it and find it fun and also interesting. I’m worried some people won’t be able to understand/know a lot of the mythology the game is based on, but everyone read Percy Jackson so I could see it going the other way too.

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