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One game that I have a love hate relationship with is Overwatch 2. I think there are a number of mechanics that make Overwatch super unique, particularly the way that each of the characters have distinct abilities and roles that they utilize in the overall “meta” of the game. And these abilities differentiate this game from all of the other first person shooters because they play a huge role in how good you are at the game outside of the core shooter game mechanics of aiming and movement.

In addition, Overwatch relies heavily on the idea of “game sense” in which there are ultimates, cooldown timings, and positioning to all account for. These aspects of the gameplay also heavily influence the ability of a player to influence the game and are super important for understanding the game.

Lastly, Overwatch, for better or for worse, is a heavily team-based game. In an ideal world, this leads to amazing teamwork-based combos which create insane team wipes. However, realistically, you aren’t always getting the most friendly and skilled teammates, which can often cause a lot of strife and conflict between each other.

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