Why I love TFT (Teamfight Tactics by Riot Games).

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is a game that millions of people around the world play. It is a spin-off game of Riot’s famous League of Legends IP, and is one of the founding games in a new genre called “auto-chess”. The goal is to create a team of “chess pieces” and every round, your chess pieces will battle another player’s chess pieces. If you win the battle, you deal damage to your opponent, if you lose, you take damage. The last player standing wins.

Each chess piece is different, with different abilities and attributes. For example, if you have 3 “assassin” chess pieces on your board, then your whole team of chess pieces will do more damage etc. You also get items you can give to chess pieces to make them stronger.

You can buy your chess pieces from the shop. The shop will only show you 5 pieces at a time, if you don’t like the pieces in your shop, you can spend gold to “refresh” the shop with new pieces.

The game’s mechanics lead to engaging dynamics, such as win and loss streaks, economy management, and scouting opponents. Deciding when to level up, reroll, or save gold adds a layer of depth that keeps the game exciting. The combination of champions and items, along with the synergies between them, create a bunch of different possibilities, resulting in unique gameplay.

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