MDA and 8 kinds of fun

The basic mechanism(rule) of the game is that the player gains trophies by attacking another village and destroying their buildings by at least 50%. The play loses trophies when their own village gets attacked by another user and loses by 50%. The player gets stronger by upgrading their buildings by using Gold and Elixir which can be gained from mines and refineries over time.

The system(dynamics) of the game thus becomes players upgrading their bases and troops over time. They sometimes get crashed by high-level troops with special abilities and run into bases with high-level defenses. But any player can get to that level if they put time into upgrading their bases. The player feels accomplished by seeing how their base has grown and troops have gotten stronger over time.

The game has some notable aesthetics, which is what really drives the player to the game. 1. Sensation, for some reason the player feels accomplished when their troops easier destroy another player’s base or their base successfully defends against an attack. 2. Fantasy, the base has villagers and makes people think that this nordic styled village is believable. 3. Narrative, the game does not have a clear narrative, as the game does not have a storyline for the players to follow. 4. Challenge, the main obstacle is how to get trophies as fast as possible by placing troops in a clever way that maximizes the percentage of a village destroyed. 5. Fellowship, the game offers a mode called clan wars and enables players from the same clan to donate troops to help defend their allies. 6. Discovery. This game does not have many discoveries, but I think it comes in form of upgrading to new troops and buildings.

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