Short Exercise: MDA

In the video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there is a mechanic where the player has limited inventory space to carry weapons and shields. The only way to increase this inventory space is by collecting korok seeds, which are items that are hidden and spread around the map. However, they are only obtained after solving a small puzzle or performing a certain action. For instance, if a player notices a circle of rocks from the top of a hill, they can jump from the hill and dive into the circle to earn a korok seed. Or if the player notices that a building or natural formation is significantly taller than its surrounding environment, then the player can climb up to the top and may receive a korok seed. This leads to a dynamic where the player must keep a close eye for strange or unusual arrangements to collect useful items as they travel the world. It’s not like the korok seeds are necessary to beat the game, but they are helpful in being able to carry more weapons and shields. Thus, it makes it more fun and encouraging for me to spot something that looks intriguing and poke around to potentially earn a korok seed, which adds to the discovery aesthetic of the game.

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