Short Exercise: MDA Volleyball

I’m about to head to Club Volleyball Nationals in a couple of days, so I’ll talk about the mechanics of this game and why it feels so fun to me!

  1. Sensation: Volleyball is viscerally enjoyable for most who play. My favorite activies are smashing/dinking balls to open court and diving all over the floor to keep the ball up.
  2. Challenge: The premise is simple, keep the ball off the floor on your side, and get the ball to land on the other side.
  3. Fellowship: Volleyball wouldn’t be half as fun without my girls! Team bonding and synergy is huge for success and happiness on/off the court.
  4. Expression: I’d say you can learn a lot about yourself playing volleyball, how you interact with others, lifting each other up and contributing energy when winning/losing, dealing with personal failure/ discovering your potential … etc.
  5. Pasttime: I really never get bored of playing volleyball, anytime someone asks me to play I head straight over for a good time with pals and exercise endorphins.

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