MDA & 8 Kinds of Fun

The basic mechanics of Candy Crush are that you need to match the same colored candies with each other in order to gain points and fulfill different objectives. These objectives change and become more difficult as players pass more levels, with the addition of obstacle candies in later stages and different ways of beating levels. The mechanics also include the involvement of ‘special candies’ that are created when more than 3 colored candies are matched together, allowing the player to more easily pass levels. There was also a social aspect added recently, where players can compete to pass more levels than their friends in order to earn rewards. All of these mechanics combined create a gameplay experience that has multiple aesthetics depending on what the goal of the player is, namely challenge, competition and submission/abnegation, though at its core, it should probably be classified as a game of submission/abnegation. Personally, I love this game because it is able to incorporate all 3 of these aesthetics, since I like to mainly play it for submission/abnegation purposes, but am also very competitive, so I occasionally engage in its challenge and competition aesthetics.

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