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Hi! My name is Jasmine (she/her). My favorite game of all time is Taboo — I love how it requires you to think quick on your feet. You have to get your team to say the word on the card, avoiding the hint words listed on the card. I love trying to come up with alternative meanings to the word that completely pivot away from the meaning that the hint words want you to think about. I also like that there’s a speed element and it gets quite competitive.

A recent game I enjoyed was Chameleon. I find actually being the Chameleon to be quite stressful; I like trying to figure out who is the odd one out, rather than stressing out that I’ll be caught. I think I just like games that have to do with words.

As an added note, I had games based on chance / randomness. I like playing to win, and anything that involves critical thinking and strategy!

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