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Hi, I’m Izzy! I use she/they pronouns.

My favorite game of all time is Hades. The combat and controls are smooth and satisfying, and I love the roguelike structure because I get to see my skills improve. There are so many things I admire about the game, from its intricate and purposeful dialogue system, the superb voice acting, the incredible artwork, diversity in representation (LGBTQ+ and POC), the music and my favorite — the lore (chef’s kiss mwah mwah). The gameplay is addicting and there is so much re-playability even after you beat the final boss. I’ve clocked in so many runs and I still enjoy every run like it’s my first.

A recent game I enjoyed is Untitled Goose Game. I played it in co-op with a friend using Steam Remote Play, and it was 4 hours of the most chaotic, screaming, and ugly laughing co-op sessions I’ve had in a while. We get to play as geese (aka agents of chaos), and I basically got to inflict my childhood fear and trauma of geese onto unsuspecting NPCs. It was great.

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