Hi! My name is Sharon! I use she/her pronouns.

My favorite games are the Super Smash Bros Games. My brother and I grew up playing Super Smash Bros Brawl as kids and I have so many fond memories of connecting with new people by playing this game. It’s been really cool to see the games evolve through the Wii U version and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I was really excited when they brought back some of my favorite characters, like Snake. I also really enjoyed Brawl’s story mode, even though it kind of freaked me out as a kid.

One game that I have enjoyed playing recently has been Scattergories. Over the summer, I was invited to my friend’s game night and got to connect with new people over a bunch of games I had never played before. Since then, we’ve made time to play a couple of times a quarter, and it has been cool spend time with my friends in this state of play. It has been really fun to see the different words that people choose in Scattergories, and how they can get really wacky as people get creative.

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