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Hi everyone! I’m Sharon (she/her)!

My favorite game is Mahjong which is a traditional Chinese tile-based game that is played by four players. Families would always play mahjong every year during Chinese New Year, but it has evolved into being a game that we just play for fun whenever and wherever (if we have the set with us haha).

A recent game that I played and enjoyed is called Bacon- The Game. It is a relatively low-effort (even though some levels are so hard to finish) game that just requires some tapping and some simple physics interaction to toss a piece of bacon onto something. I enjoy playing this game because it doesn’t really require that much thinking and each round is simple – it ends when you successfully place the bacon on top of the designated object in that round, so I love to play it when I only have a few moments to spare and when I don’t want to use my brain.

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