Intro — Anthony

Hey! I’m Anthony, I use he/him pronouns, and here’s an image of me with a moray eel

me forming a heart shape with a moray eel:

I would have to say my favorite game of all time is probably Super Monkey Ball 2 for the Nintendo GameCube, which is an obscure marble rolling game from 2002 where you roll a small monkey in a ball into a goal. I played it a ton as a child, and recently I’ve found new love for it as a speedrunning game. Even as a game that’s 2 decades old, there’s still a small but passionate community dedicated to beating the game as quickly as possible. Also, it’s been shown in research that doctors who played the game for at least 3 hours a week actually demonstrated a noticeable improvement in surgical performance! Another game I’ve enjoyed recently is Patchwork, which is a traditional board game where you attempt to build up a “quilt” out of pieces you collect on the playing board, and it’s an interesting mix of planning, strategy, and puzzle solving!

If anyone has any good recommendations, please let me know


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