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Hi, this is Jamie. Preferred pronoun is she/her/hers.

My favorite game of all time is Werewolf. I always enjoy logic reasonings and inferences, and Werewolf is a perfect game to use my brain and think about different possibilities, and make decisions. Besides, I generally have super bad luck in games (eg. 100% get exploded in both first two draws, without “alter the future”, with or without shuffling, in playing 9 rounds of the game Exploding Kittens; getting 2 wildcards, with an average of other players 12 wildcards, in the game Mahjong), as Werewolf does not depend too much on luck, the game stands out to me. I also enjoy testing the balance of different configurations, as there are always brilliant new ideas on character designs.

Since Werewolf requires >9 players, and 12 players the best, it’s very difficult to gather enough people to play. Recently, I’ve been fond of the game “14 variants of minesweeping” on Steam. I really enjoy this game as it also involves a lot of logical deductions. Plus, the developer adds 14 basic variants to 5*5, 6*6, 7*7, and 8*8 game boards, as well as several harder variants. There are also combinations of different variants. Afterwards, it’s even possible to start a game of minesweeping with an empty starter board. I’ve taken logic programming before, and am amazed at the efficient the developer implemented the code.

Here is a photo of myself:

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