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Hi! My name is Adaeze (pronounced “uh-DAY-zee”) and I use she/her pronouns.

My favorite game of all time is card game “Codenames”–especially if you play it with the right people. It gives you a lot of insight into how people think and depends heavily on the nuances of language, which I’m a big fan of. The idea itself is also relatively simple, so anyone can play it.

A game that I recently enjoyed is “Portal 2”. I’ve actually had the game since its release in 2011, but I replayed it when I was home for spring break. The mechanics are so simple yet incredibly creative. I find that with a lot of story games, I enjoy watching gameplays rather than playing myself (ex: I really love “The Last of Us”, “Omori”, and “Life is Strange”, but the gameplay itself wasn’t as interesting as the story to me). However, Portal 2 (and Portal) require one to actually play the game themselves to get the full experience. It can only exist as a game.

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