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I wanted to pay homage to typical RPGs by making my own action RPG, including some of my favorites such as Zenonia and Pokémon. I wanted epic battle music to play as you attack monsters, preferribly with 8-bit aesthetic such as Most of all, I wanted to parody RPGs by making a game around a core theme: in RPGs, you are the hero, yet you kill and fulfill quests all for the sake of progressing the game. Would you become a monster yourself if it meant progressing the game? What truly separates hero from monster? In this way, I am heavily inspired by Undertale.

Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend | Pocket Gamer

Zenonia, one of my inspiration RPGs.


The main emotions and mood I was going for was:

  1. Humor
  2. Nostalgia (for typical RPG lovers)
  3. Parody (of typical RPGs)

Mechanics and Types of Fun

The main mechanic is fulfilling quests for NPCs to move onto the next area by killing monsters and retrieving items. There is a short narrative and small challenges from trying to kill monsters before they kill you.


I anticipate the game to be a short vertical slice, considering I will be solo-making the game, a full RPG would probably be beyond what can be made in a reasonable timespan. Thus, the biggest challenge would be fitting my big ideas into a shortened and concise RPG.

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