Ricky Grannis-Vu: P2 Concept

My group is creating an escape room set in an office-like room with a creepy and sinister tone.


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Possible directions

  • Our escape room could be a professor’s office which is very cluttered, with books strewn around the floor and furniture knocked over. The door suddenly slams shut and the players realize something is wrong. As the players explore the office, they can find increasingly-frantic diary entries and letters, and they gradually learn that there is something even more sinister afoot. This could culminate with unlocking a door to a secret cult-like room filled with sacrificial artifacts, which the players must quickly escape from. This escape room would lean heavily into the discovery and narrative types of fun.
  • We could also go full-throttle into a sensation type of escape room. The players could be ushered into a dark room, with only portable candles to guide them. As they explore the room, they can gradually learn that something tragic has happened and nobody is left alive, thus leaning into narrative fun as well. The dark atmosphere will create a creepy vibe, which will guide the tone of the escape room. Ultimately, this could conclude in a creepy yet melancholy funeral-like room.
  • One last direction we could pursue would be to create a sense of creepy urgency for the players, delivering sensation and fantasy fun. The door slams shut, the evil professor is alerted, and the player must escape before the evil professor returns. The player would rapidly go room-to-room, trying to frantically solve puzzles as the professor (supposedly) works their way through behind them. This would involve a larger layout and would be more spread-out than the other ideas. This escape room experience would conclude with a final showdown between the players and the evil professor.

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