Moodboard for Project 2 Checkpoint 1 Individual Mood Board

P2 Checkpoint 1 Individual Mood Board

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Directions of Game

Direction 1

P2C1 Game Direction

Following after Wall-E, main player will collect trash in order to pass the levels, avoiding obstacles along the way.

Direction 2

P2C1 Direction 2

Main player’s beloved has been captured since the environment “guards” have determined earth is in no good condition. To save the beloved, the main player must find solution to save the earth.

Direction 3

P2C1 Direction 3

Centers around main player starting in a new world, given that Earth is at the verge of extinction. Main player is sent to new world to start from scratch. Main player is in charge of creating a city that is livable and environment friendly.

Direction 4

P2C1 Direction 4

Mini-game oriented, where main player is in charge of collecting trash that falls from the sky. If player collects all the trash, they win the given level.

Direction 5

P2C1 Direction 5

Surrounds around exploration and time-travel. Player is sent to the future, and finds that the earth is extinct and unlivable. Player’s main task is to discover what went wrong, collect evidence, and find a way back to the present to warn the world about their discoveries.

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